It's been almost a year since the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings, when a mentally disturbed man named Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster assault rifle to cause a scene of chaos and destruction seldom seen outside a war zone, not just murdering but literally blowing to bits twenty grade school children and six teachers before killing himself with a Glock 10mm handgun, one of 4 weapons in total he had brought to the school. This followed the murder of his own mother, Nancy, described as a "gun enthusiast" and the source of the weapons Lanza used to wreak his havoc, in a home where at least three other guns, over 1400 rounds of ammunition, and a National Rifle Association certificate had been found. Lanza had fired 154 bullets during his rampage from numerous 30 round magazines, shooting one 6 year old boy eleven times. One year later, what has been done by our elected officials, our lawmakers, to insure that something like this can never happen again?

Absolutely nothing.

Just let that information alone sink in for a second, and then further realize that this incident was not only NOT the first time something like this had happened, it's barely even unusual anymore. Virginia Tech, Columbine, the Pennsylvania Amish School--and not just limited to schools, how about the movie theatre in Colorado, the Army Base in Fort Hood, the Navy Yard in Washington, a number of shopping malls? Now think again about what has been done about it.

Absolutely nothing.

Doesn't that piss you off? Doesn't that make you flat out fucking MAD that this can happen over and over again, parents never see their kids again, kids never see their parents again, marriages and lives are shattered and pain and grief are spread across the floor with all these victims' blood, and nobody can get anything done about it because of a small but irrational group of "gun enthusiasts", a gutless group of mostly Republican but all conservative politicians and a huge amount of money on the line? In 2012, the NRA alone spent nearly $300 million lobbying Washington not to pry the guns from their cold, dead fingers, and they were hardly alone. Gun "rights" advocates outspent gun control advocates 17 to 1 that year. What were they lobbying to protect? Not your ass or mine, but the $11.7 billion in sales and almost $1 billion in profits the US gun manufacturers rake in every YEAR, that's what. And it's a fucking shame.

America has gun control, allright--guns control America on a daily basis. Some people don't want to see that change because of the money they would lose, the votes they would lose, or an irrational, deluded fear of the Federal Government and the first black President. But for the sane people out there, there's no question it HAS to change, the only question is how we can MAKE it change, and the answers appear bleak.

Even when a member of Congress, Gabby Giffords, got shot, Congress couldn't pass gun control, even background checks, for Christ's sake. President Kennedy was shot, and nobody did anything. Martin Luther King was shot, that pissed off the left. Reagan was shot, that SHOULD have pissed off the right. Nobody got anything done. Nothing? Nobody? Really?

What the fuck do we have to do? What has to happen?

No need to go into any more detail on why the gun manufacturers and lobby are against any action after you see the revenue figures. We know what's going on there. So let's examine the politicians and the "gun enthusiasts", to see what planet they're living on. The politicians, mostly on the right but with some exceptions--mainly Democrats from "traditional", i.e. hillbilly districts--refuse to step up and do what's right, either because they don't want to lose the next election, or they actually believe what their right-wing constituents do, that nothing needs to be done. I say if someone gets into politics to be a leader, to change society for the better, goes to Washington and instead of disregarding what the charitably-termed "low information voters" might think and making positive changes that need to be made and being LEADERS, they worry about whether they're going to get re-elected to a job that they usually don't need financially to begin with, they should be impeached. And I also say that if someone gets elected that actually believes nothing needs to be done, it's our fault. If there's more gun nuts than there are sensible people, I guess we're screwed--but I have to think there's more people out there that realize we've got to do something, we just don't vote enough, or correctly.

That's what the politicians have already found out--people who vote, unfortunately, are highly likely to be older, whiter, more "traditional", and more hung up on this Democracy thing in general, than people who don't vote, or don't vote often, or don't get involved and speak out. We're the people that often assume everything's being taken care of, and we don't have a stick up our asses about our "rights" being infringed on, even when our rights are being infringed on. We understand you have to make concessions in a situation with no easy answers, especially if there's a big potential downside to not taking action.

The people who view the United States constitution as an infallible document remind me of the folks who think the same of the Bible. A book written when the cutting edge in medical technology was leeches and people didn't know where the Sun went at night cannot be taken literally and as matter-of-fact as a textbook by any rational human being, but it often is. A document written 237 years ago by the most educated leaders of the time has a lot more going for it in my opinion, but it was still crafted in the days where there were no police forces, barely an army, the possibility of a British Invasion at any moment, and the deadliest gun in the world was a single shot musket. So for those who think the Constitution should be interpreted literally until the end of time, I've got four words for you--Are you fucking kidding?

There have been 27 amendments to the Constitution, twenty-seven things they either forgot, neglected, didn''t clarify, or changed their mind on since 1789. The 18th amendment, Prohibition, was an instance where they changed their mind, made alcohol illegal, then changed it back with the 21st amendment fifteen years later after creating organized crime. So why is the second amendment so sacred to the patriotic crowd? Because these folks have been watching too many movies and think they're capable of saving the country in the unlikely event the British come to take their shit back. If a terrorist Muslim group attacks any part of the country, the last thing I want is a bunch of cowboys out there with their home stockpile of weapons getting in the Army and police's way, shooting the place up like a goddamn video game they think they're playing. As far as these militias go, seriously? A group of armed citizens are going to band together and "take back" their government or "overthrow" a "Socialist President" like I'm going to beat the Rock at next year's Wrestlemania. Billy Bob and his group from the Moose Lodge would get smoked by a drone before they cleared leather. Here's another fact--if you're mowed down in a shootout with the Federal Government or the ATF, chances are overwhelming you're somewhere you shouldn't be and doing something you shouldn't be doing, with people you shouldn't be doing it with, so it shouldn't be a worry in most people's minds.

I don't have a problem with somebody having a handgun in their house for protection, because if somebody's going to break into your house, THEY probably have a gun, since you can get them at Wal-Mart and at flea markets. So yes, a gun in the house makes me and a lot of people feel better. In my days as a pro wrestling "heel", actively trying to make large crowds of people as angry as possible, just showing a handgun made it a lot less dangerous for me to leave an arena parking lot on several occasions, and I was glad I had it. Past a simple handgun, it gets real tough to convince me why anyone but military and law enforcement has access to it. There's no legitimate reason anybody needs a gun that shoots more than 6 bullets without reloading. If you can't defend yourself in a home invasion with 6 bullets, chances are you're fucked anyway. If you're target shooting, the target isn't running away if you don't plug it 8 or 10 times. If it's an antique gun for collection or display, why not remove the firing pin since you're not shooting it anyway? If you have to hunt, which is a topic I won't veer off on now but which elicits my utter disgust, if you have to shoot at the rabbit more than 6 times he deserves to get away. And for the crowd who likes to bring their kids up as "outdoorsmen", think about this--after you establish the idea that shooting and killing a living mammal is OK in an impressionable young mind, how far is it to go from targets with fur or feathers to targets with skin? There are weapons being sold legally in our country that should only be used in war, and it's ridiculous it's gotten this far with no restrictions put in place by the people that are supposed to lead and protect the American people.

There's no way to do much about it in the short term anyway. There are almost 300 million guns in this country already, and it's the one thing the US can make that's not defective and seldom breaks down. There's enough out there already to shoot the entire population of the country by firing one bullet each, and they'll be around for awhile unless the government tried to confiscate them, which would BOOST gun sales. But shouldn't we at least cut it off now so that in 50 or 100 years the existing ones fall apart, break down, or get taken at crime scenes, just for--you know--our grandchildren? The ones all the conservatives want to protect by balancing the budget and eliminating the "burden" of our debt? Shouldn't we keep them from getting shot first, and worry about the balance on their credit cards afterward?

So basically, I say take all of the NRA's arguments and ball them up, and stick them in Wayne LaPierre's ample ass, because all he is is the heat guy to attract everyone's attention while the money gets made, the old misdirection play. He tells people Obama is going to take their guns, and the gullible flock to buy more. He declares every teacher should have a gun, and while the normal people scream the last thing we need in schools is second grade teacher Myrtle Davenport going Rambo on a bad guy, people buy more guns. He plays the rubes like a fiddle and draws the heat away from the real issue for those who want to do something. The only certainty is that nothing is going to be done unless we demand it be done. Who out there wants to hear their kid, or anybody's kid, ever say what a six year old girl at Sandy Hook told her mother after her teacher and fifteen classmates were shot and killed--"Mommy, I'm OK, but all my friends are dead"?