"Wrestling" and "Official Wrestling" Issue #1

It shows the magnitude of star that Antonino "Argentina" Rocca was in 1951 that he was given the cover of the first issue of "Wrestling" in January 1951, and three months later the cover of the first issue of "Official Wrestling" as well. Wrestling was an early newstand wrestling publication by famed bodybuilding guru Joe Weider, while Official Wrestling had the full support of the NWA and featured many of the famous promoters of the day contributing information from their territories. This issue also features an article on Joseph "Toots" Mondt, then one of the power brokers of the New York/MSG promotion, but who is most famous in wrestling as matchmaker of the "Gold Dust Trio" with champion Strangler Lewis and promoter Billy Sandow in the 1930's. Mondt is generally credited with inventing the finish, working programs, and most of the other basic concepts of pro wrestling as it would be known for the next eighty years.