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The Midnight Express  Boxed Set DELUXE Package

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    The Midnight Express Boxed Set DELUXE Package

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette, for the FIRST--AND LAST--TIME EVER, a limited edition action figure set of ALL FOUR MEMBERS, Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey, Stan Lane, and Jim Cornette, is available EXCLUSIVELY from jimcornette.com! 

    Collectors have long desired a figure set of the Midnight Express--now it's available in this incredible commemorative package! A joint venture of Cornette's Collectibles and the Figures Toy Company, production of this four-pack in it's beautifully illustrated display box has been limited to 2000 sets--no more of these will be made, and no other four-packs offered in the future. The Midnights are featured in their matching reunion gear, and the Jim Cornette figure is a completely different color scheme than ANY of his figures that have been sold separately!

    In addition to the action figure set, this package includes:
    • A 28 page full color book of Milestones in the Midnights' career, featuring championships won, major matches, big gates and crowds, behind the scenes turmoil, and life after Midnight, illustrated with nearly two dozen photos of the team through the years. This book, compiled by Cornette himself, was prepared exclusively for this package and will not be sold separately. 
    • A full color 8X10 Midnight Express reunion photo, autographed by ALL FOUR members of the Express and personalized to your specifications by Cornette himself. Bobby Eaton personally signed these photos in 2019 at a fanfest, and Cornette held some for a future project. Because of the limited number of photos signed by Bobby Eaton, there are only 110 Deluxe packages available for sale.
    • A Certificate of Authenticity signed by Cornette affirming the figure set is one of 2000 and that all autographs are genuine. 
    ALL PROFITS from this 40th anniversary package will be divided evenly between the remaining Express members, and Bobby Eaton's children and grandchildren. If you were, or still are, a fan of the Midnight Express' work in wrestling, this is both the ultimate collector's package and an opportunity to let them know directly how you feel! Even if their 40th anniversary is their last, these action figures will live forever!


    Personalized Midnight Express Photo from Jim!

    If you want your Midnight Express photo personalized by Jim, please specify what you would like written. If you leave this blank, Jim will simply sign "Your Friend, Jim Cornette"

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